Resistance Training

You need to be working out with weights. If you are only doing cardio activities them you are missing out on so much!

Here are just a few things that resistance training can do for you.Resistance Training

1. Give you energy by boosting your metabolic rate. Whenever our metabolism is activated, we have more energy and we burn up more fat too! You will feel better with more energy.

2. Strengthen your bones. As you work with weights, your bone strength will also improve. We most certainly want this since our bones get weaker and weaker as we age.

3. You will have more testosterone when you lift weights. And this is beneficial in countless ways. Here are some negatives of having low testosterone.

4. You will look good! Of course this is one you know, but you don’t realize how much better you will look with nice big muscles. Everyone will check them out.

5. And with this comes a boosted confidence level. You will feel great about yourself and it will show. Confidence is a big part of appearing attractive.

6. Your heart will be stronger and you will be working to keep heart issues away.

7. You will find that you can sleep better at night and that you feel less stress. Your body loves to workout and so many other things will fall into place when you do.


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