Do You Lose Energy Throughout The Day?

­It seems so many people are low on energy. How many times do you ask someone how they are and they say, ‘I’m tired’ or ‘exhausted’ or ‘ready for the weekend so I can relax’. This is a shame. We need all the energy we can get.

What many people don’t realize however is that lots of things that they do everyday takes away their energy. If you know these things ahead of Loss of energytime, then you are better able to fight the battle against low energy.

Here are a few to watch out for:

Missing Meals

This is a big no-no for everyone. Your caloric intake fuels your body and if you don’t give your body what it needs then you will find yourself low on energy. Probably the most important meal is breakfast. It is essential that you do not skip this meal. In fact, most of your calories should be earlier in the day when you use energy and need them.

Fatty Foods

Foods that are high in fat (think fast food) stay in your stomach for longer than other foods and make you feel sluggish. They actually alter the amount of blood that goes to your brain and muscles.

Meals that are high in complex carbohydrates (the good stuff) releases energy slowly which is helpful for workouts. This is how your body prefers it and how it works optimally.


OK relax, I am not going to say that you have to give up coffee. Not at all actually. The problem with coffee is too much coffee. If you drink coffee all day long they you might have an unhealthy addition and your body needs the coffee for any sort of energy. The problem is that coffee only provides very short term energy.

Just like most other things, moderation is the key. A couple cups of coffee is fine (depending on your body weight), but depending on it is not good.

Things to do if you are a bit addicted to the rush from coffee: go out for a brisk walk in the sunshine. This will give you some energy. You can also take a powernap. These are actually very good and a lot of successful people take powernaps during the day. We are talking 10-20 minutes – not hours. Also, drinking water will actually give you a boost of energy that you may need. You can add a healthy snack to that too if you need it. You kick-start your metabolism when you eat a proper breakfast.


We are not saying you can’t enjoy a beer or a glass of wine every now and then, but it is important to understand what you are doing to your body and mind when you do. Alcohol disrupts your sleep and reduces the amount of REM sleep; it dehydrates your body, and adds unneeded and unproductive calories to your diet. Just know what you are doing when you drink and always keep your consumption in moderation.

Lack of Vitamin B

Most of us know how important Vitamin B is. If you don’t, well you do now. It is essential in the release of energy. If you eat properly, then you should get enough vitamin B in your diet. You can find it in bread, meat, fish, greens, dairy, and cereal. You can take a supplement if you are low in this vitamin.

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential to our well being. That is no surprise. Most of us need 8-9 hours of sleep and if we don’t get it for extended periods of time, our mind and body suffer. You may not even realize it. Your body reacts and responds differently when it is well rested and this includes your muscles. Muscles need rest in order to heal and grow. All of these together impact your energy and stamina.

Being Overweight

If you have ever been a few pounds heavier in your life than you are now, you might know how carrying around extra weight is very different than carrying around healthy weight. Your entire being has to work harder. Your heart has to work harder, you breath heavier, etc. All of this tires you out much faster. If you are overweight, you are hurting your energy and stamina. Once you drop a few pounds you will feel the difference and will hopefully keep motivated to keep going.

There are other things that can steal your energy and stamina (for example, stress), but these are the big ones to watch out for. They are things that you can take care of too.


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