Popular Testosterone Boosters

Want To Boost Your Testosterone Level?

Almost every guy out there would like to have an increase in his testosterone level. Unless of course he is in his early 20’s when testosterone produced in the body is about as high as it gets.

We have heard about all sorts of testosterone boosters. Here we discuss a few of the more popular ones and talk a little bit about what they do.

Keep in mind that these are in no order of importance.

King Oyster

King Oyster is a type of a mushroom that contains several bioactive molecules. It appears as though King Oyster has the ability to boost our immune system, suppress the absorption of fatty acids as well as increase testosterone levels (potentially significantly).


Maca is a plant that is in the broccoli family and comes out of Peru. It has both aphrodisiac properties and hormonal boosting properties. It is often recommended to guys in training who want to boost their energy and overall motivation.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-AA actually goes to work on the central brain to release hormones into the body. Many users experience a significant boost in energy, power and motivation. They also experience an increased libido.

Horny Goat Weed

Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to boost testosterone and increase energy. It also appears to control cortisol levels (which rise when we are stressed). When our cortisol rises, our testosterone decreases.


DHEA is actually something that the body produces naturally. However just as testosterone levels drop as we age, DHEA levels drop as well. These supplements are taken to turn into testosterone in the body, thus providing a boost to improve workouts and muscle mass.


This herb is popular in India and many Arabic areas. Many weight trainers take Fenugreek to increase energy and testosterone, but also to raise insulin levels. This brings the benefit of building muscle mass faster.

Eurycoma Longifolia

This is a very popular testosterone booster. Many users state that they are able to reduce fat and increase muscle without making other changes to their routine. There has actually be quite a few studies done with regard to this herb and results seem to point to the ability to boost testosterone levels.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for both men and women. In fact, there are many people who are deficient in this vitamin and might not even know it. A simple test from their doctor will let them know. In men, however if they are low in Vitamin D they are probably low in testosterone as well.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is another rather popular supplement among bodybuilders. Studies seem to indicate that tribulus can increase testosterone levels.

If you decide to try supplements, it is important to remember to also be sure to eat a diet that supports your weight training goals. Other things to think about include getting proper sleep, reducing stress and of course working muscles properly and effectively.


Achieve your Fitness Goals

The unfortunate fact is lots of people never reach the goals and objectives which they set for themselves. Goals certainly are a tough thing and if you set goals and do not realize them, you then become frustrated and disappointed.

Goals should really be an element of everyone’s life. Anybody can achieve their goals if they realize how to proceed. Once we have got a goal planned, we recognize exactly what we really want and exactly where we’re going. It makes matters in life a lot clearer.

So what are some ideas that will help us accomplish our goals and objectives?

Setting goals that one could truly achieve is the 1st step. You do not need to be a hero. Your goals should get you places Health and Fitnesssensibly rather than leaps and bounds. When we set up goals that happen to be excessively tough to attain, we’ll just be disappointed in the end after we do not make it happen. Therefore we give up and end up right back where we started. It does not have to be this way. Many individuals express that they would like to be healthy and balanced or perhaps appear better or even reduce weight. The problem with these types of claims is they are entirely too vague. In order to succeed with your goals and objectives, you must know exactly where you want to be. This way, you are able to imagine it and it’s not merely ‘looking better’ but it is weighing a particular amount or having a certain percentage of body fat. The thing to understand here is that you have to know precisely the place you wish to be, you just can’t be imprecise about it.

The next step will demand the undeniable commitment to accomplishing the goal. You can not become wavering at this stage. You realize what you’re looking for, however are you happy to go ahead and take steps to achieve it. You need to mentally agree to every single goal you set up or you may see that you are failing rapidly.

Next is a plan. You should establish a detailed strategy of exactly what to do for you to get to your primary goal and also the details of precisely what that entails. Therefore, you need to know just what time you’re going to train along with what the work out routine is actually planning to be. In this way you find it challenging to put together lame excuses in order to not do it. You know exactly what you should do and you already committed to it, so it is time to do it.

Know that you could start things whenever. That means, you do not have to wait until the new year to make goals and objectives. Or you do not have to get started on any brand-new eating plan on the First of the month. This really is a way to put off on committing yourself. You need to understand that you are committing yourself. That doesn’t suggest that an individual should not hold off until 1st of the month. Just make sure you know you are going to be fully committed.

Everything is going to be easy. If you believe that, you will crash. You’re going to be tried and it will be hard work. Knowing this going into it, you will see that you can be much more successful. Often being aware of what can be expected or even having an idea helps us fight past and keep going. Recognize that you truly can get through the tough times and then you will. Constantly think on exactly how you’re feeling as you work towards your goals. Think hard about how you will feel as soon as you reach your ultimate goal. See victory and this can keep you driven.

Things To Look For

Are there any signs that you can look for to let you know that you might have low testosterone?

There actually are several, which is both good and bad. Bad because no one whats to suffer from these symptoms, but good in a way because at least you can look for indicators if you think you might have low T.

That said, the list below does not indicate with certainty that you have low testosterone. There may be other things going on. The signs and symptoms below are not an exhaustive list and by no means serve as a diagnostic tool. You always need to get with your doctor to review your health concerns and conditions.

One symptom is a lower interest in sex. If you have lower testosterone, you may experience a low libido. Testosterone is what is responsible for developing a young boy sexually and if T is lacking, this aspect is not stimulated. In addition to this, a guy may have issues having an erection. Again, this may not be the problem or it may not be the only problem, but it is a potenhair loss and low testosteronetial sign.

Testosterone additionally assists in hair development. For lots of males, balding is something that just happens to them as they age.But, males which have low testosterone amounts may experience loss of hair at a faster and a lot more extremely.

When a woman goes through menopause she commonly has mood alterations that can at times be pretty extreme. This is a time when their estrogen starts declining. The thing is, guys can experience symptoms that are comparable when their testosterone levels go down. The degree of mood swing may not be the same, but it can be similar. This is why may people jokingly refer to men going through this as their menopause. Which does not make any guy feel good.

Bone weakening is another symptom to look for. This is because testosterone not only helps build muscle but it also helps build up bone. If a male experiences low testosterone for a period of time, he may experience bone fractures.

Along these same lines, a man may experience less muscle ability and mass. As stated above, testosterone is key in building our muscles and if we are low our muscles suffer.

Other possibilities are an increase in abdominal fat, difficulty with erections, and even depression.

If you think you are suffering from low T, you need to get a blood test from your doctor and come up wont a game plan of action.

Myths and Misunderstandings About Testosterone

Common Myths and Misunderstandings About Testosterone

There are many things people have wrong when it comes to testosterone abound. Many of these myths create very dangerous situations where men abuse the use of supplements and misunderstand the role testosterone plays.

Here are some of the common myths you need to be aware of:

1. Testosterone improves fertility.

False. Testosterone, when present in high levels, can actually cause the testicles to stop working and causes them to shrink. This leads to infertility issues. When taken as prescribed and under the direction of a doctor the chances of this side effect are not as common, but testosterone itself will do nothing to make a man more fertile than he already is.

2. Being overweight does not affect testosterone levels.Overweight and low testosterone

Wrong. Extra fat will actually work like a sponge and suck testosterone and other important hormones from the blood. This leads to a reduced libido, lack of energy and other issues associated with aging and a drop in testosterone. This is particularly true when the deposits of fat are carried around the belly or abdomen.

3. Vigorous exercise can raise testosterone levels.

This is both a yes and a no. Yes, moderate exercise can lead to a slight increase in testosterone levels, but actually when the exercise is extreme, testosterone will actually decrease rapidly. Having low testosterone levels make it harder to get motivated to exercise and harder to lose weight, which often results in the savage cycle of inactivity and a continually reduced level of hormones.

4. Testosterone supplements are safe for everyone to use.

Wrong. Many people find it surprising when they learn that the government does not yet actively regulate the sale or use of products that contain testosterone or supplements meant to produce testosterone. These supplements should only be used under a doctor’s supervision and your testosterone levels should never exceed normal levels.

What is Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat ali?

Eurycoma longifolia-
The Tongkat Ali Wonder Plant

Eurycoma longifolia (also known by the name tongkat ali, pasak bumi, or longjack) is a elegant and beautiful flowering plant that belongs to the scientific family Simaroubaceae. It is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and can also occasionally be found in Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

tongkat ali from malaysia

Tongkat ali from Malaysia and Southeast Asia

It has many different names in the native regions where it is grown and many of these names refer to the medicinal properties of the plant or the extreme bitterness of the bark and leaves when consumed raw. Today the most common name for this plant is Tongkat Ali, and it is known as a wonder drug for treating testosterone imbalances in men and sometimes in women.

Tongkat Ali has gained popularity as a treatment options for treating low testosterone levels because it has far fewer side effects than most of the prescription drugs and supplements that are used today. It is now grown in areas outside its native habitat for use in supplements, but much of the world’s supply of Tongkat Ali still comes from the Malaysia and Indonesia area.

Though there is still much to learn about Eurycoma longifolia and all that it has to offer us, there are still many benefits that this wonder plant has to offer us.

To read studies done and learn more about eurycoma longifolia, click here.

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